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SC Recruitment

At SC Recruitment, our target is to support and sustain the development of the manufacturing and warehouse industry, as well as boost the community’s workforce. As a department of an Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations agency, SC Marketing, we strive to maintain the corporate image, based on solidifying strong connections between manufacturing administration, team members and potential customers and candidates. Using creative advertising strategies and effective communication methods to maintain a strong and committed team.


SC Recruitment began because of the recognition of the difficulty with recruitment from manufacturing companies. Our agency has developed an equation that goes from the creation of innovative recruitment campaigns, to lead captures and pre-screening of potential candidates. We make sure that we send over the best qualified candidates for the position. SC Recruitment is here to ease the burden on Human Resources, keeping your employees engaged and your company successful at every opportunity.


We remain available to discuss further details and answer any questions you may have, and hope our proposal reflects our commitment to the success of your company. 

Thank you, for the interest in the opportunity to work together and contribute to the sustainable growth of your business. 


How we do it: 


  • Recruitment
    • Direct communication with HR Managers to understand their needs.

    • Maintain spreadsheet with leads from interested candidates - the client and all HR Managers have access to this list 24/7

    • Pre-screen the candidates by calling to discuss the position, its benefits and requirements.

    • Assist the candidates to fill their online application and answer any questions they may have about the process

  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn)
    • Monthly calendar of social media content.

    • Post Job opportunities, targeting the desired audience and locations.

    • Community management to filter all comments and inboxes.

    • Promote lead campaigns to gather new candidates and add them to the spreadsheet, pre-screening process and share with HR Managers

  • Google Ads 
    • Positioning websites or landing pages in the top of Google search. 

    • Promote the job opportunities targeted to the desired audience and locations.

    • Optimize website SEO search. 


  • Strategic Alliances with Community Colleges and City Halls 
    • Establish an Outreach Program with the community to promote the job opportunities for the plant, as well as create alliances for referrals of potential new workers and clients. 


Our added values:


  • Landing Page 
    • We develop a company’s Landing Page so that candidates can learn more about the available positions, as well as applying by uploading their resume and contact info. 

  • Marketing & Media Plan
    • We create original and strategic marketing ideas to develop brand recognition amongst its audience and potential clients. 
      We scout the best digital and traditional media to reach the company’s desired audience.

    • Media buying is based on an established budget by the client.  

  • Professional Connections with Latin America
    • We have allies with business professionals in Latin American countries to fulfill the client's needs in order to support them. 

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